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Dec 30

Free Flip

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Let’s all be honest here.  Flip Saunders is a great guy.  Everybody that deals with him likes him.  He’s a players coach.  The media respects him.  But he’s a dead man walking.  He’s going to get fired.

It’s not going to work here with the Wizards.   It didn’t work with Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brandon Haywood.  And it’s not going to work with John Wall, Nick Young and dumb (Andray Blatche) and dumber (Javale McGee).

I’m hopelessly homerrific too.  Last year I bet the Wizards would take the 8th seed and get to the playoffs.  Instead they lost their first 25 road games and became the laughingstock of the league. Again.

Remember Javale trying desperately for that triple double? How embarrassing was that? Or what about Andray refusing to go into a game?  Poor Flip is so beaten down by these losers that he started Andray the very next game and named him captain this year!  Captain?!  You can’t be serious.

Just a few days ago before the season opener I bet the Wizards would win at least 20 of their 66 games.  Mind you that didn’t seem like a huge number.  If they went 20 and 46  that is a winning percentage of 30%.  That seemed doable to me.  After they blew their 21 point lead to the woeful New Jersey Nets I had a sense that bet was a stretch.  When they got blown out by the Hawks I KNEW it was a loser.  In fact I paid the bet off today before the 3rd game.  They are not winning 20 games.   They might struggle to get 1o.

You don’t believe me?  Look at the schedule for their next 9 games.  Tonight at Milwaukee - Loser.  Then back to back games vs Boston. Loser. Loser.  At Orlando. Loser.  Home vs the Knicks. Loser.  The Twolves here- winner maybe?  A third home game against Toronto- winner maybe? Then on the road to Chicago. Stone. Cold. Loser. Then at Philly- probably another loser.

Best case scenario is they start out 2-9.  They could easily go 0-11.  Would you bet against that?  I wouldn’t.  I’m out of the business of betting on the Wizards.  It’s too expensive.

And it’s not like Flip can’t coach.  He can.  Before he came to DC he had guided teams to the playoffs 11 out of 13 seasons.  He’d been to the conference finals 4 out of 5 years.  Around the league he’s know for being a great tactician.  Now those teams had more established talent.  No question about it.  And in his defense he wasn’t brought here to coach most of these turkeys.  He was supposed to coach Gilbert, Caron and that crew.

But can he coach these players?  At 49-117 here in DC it sure doesn’t look like it.

Maybe nobody can.  I’ve defended Andray Blatche and Javale McGee for years because I can see they have great raw talent.  But they have ten cent brains and zero desire to win.  I’m out of the business of defending these guys anymore too.  It’s making me look even dumber than usual.  That’s not easy.

We’ve heard privately that one reason Flip didn’t name the cornerstone of the franchise John Wall captain is because he’s not convinced his head is screwed on straight either.  God help us if that’s true.

I still think this is the most athletic Wizards team that I can remember.  Wall, McGee, Chris Singelton, Jordan Crawford, Nick Young, Jan Vesely  and others are genetic freaks.  They can all run, jump and explode.  But the truth is very few of them can actually play winning basketball.

This team is destined to lose.  They have no collective heart.  They play zero defense.   They show no particular desire as a team to win.  The best X’s and O’s can’t save this team from it’s destiny of losing.  Probably nothing can.

So do the right thing Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld.  Free Flip Saunders.  Let him out of this prison that is the Washington Wizards.   Give somebody else the brutal job of trying to whip these losers into shape.  We’ve all seen the toll the losing and and just dealing with these characters has taken on Flip.  Every year he comes on our radio show and promises to be a regular throughout the season.  And inevitably the losing kicks in and we never hear from him again.

Free Flip Saunders.  Free him from the burden of having to talk to dolts liks us about this team.  Free him from having to stare at a captain like Andray Blatche.  Free him from the empty seats at home and the beat downs on the road.

It’s the holiday season.  We’re all in the spirit of giving.  Let’s change a life.  Let’s give Flip Saunders reason to wake up in the morning. Two years of this nonsense is enough.  Free Flip Saunders from the Washington Wizards.  Now please.

Oh…don’t worry we aren’t ignoring the other elephant in the room.   This is just the beginning of the purge.  Ernie- you’re next.








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