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Jan 16

I’d Rather Have Kyrie Irving

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John Wall has the potential to be an explosive player in the NBA.  He finally broke out today and had 38 points and shot over 50% from the field going 13-22.  His 8 assists to 2 turnovers is just where he wants to be also.  There is no denying he had a great game.

Unfortunately it didn’t translate into a win.  The Wizards are now 1-12 having lost back to back games to the Sixers.  Their lone bright spot was the win over Toronto at home.   Wall wasn’t a big part of that win either with just 8 points although he did have 9 assists.

For some reason Wall hasn’t been a big part of many of the Wizards first 13 games.  He’s been terrible from the field shooting 34% which ranks dead last among starting point guards.  He’s also been shutout from 3 point range going 0 for 7.

Heading into today’s game he had the 2nd most turnovers of any point guard in the league averaging 4.2 a game.  In short he’s been dreadful.   Just remember even though he had 38 in the loss today he’s had 11 points or less in almost half of the games he’s played (6 of 13).  He’s had single digit games 3 times so far.

Physically I’m sure he’s stronger, faster and healthier than last year.  But it hasn’t shown up on the court.  Truthfully he looks like he’s regressed.   Hopefully it’s just a confidence issue and this will be the game that gets him going.  But I’m not convinced.

In fact if the Cleveland Cavaliers called and offered Kyrie Irving for John Wall I’d make the trade instantly.  When I said this last week on the radio people said I was crazy.  Really?  Look at the numbers.  And remember Irving is just a rookie.

Wall             13.3 PG    .348  FG%   .000  3PT   7.1 Assists  4.2  TO’s

Irving         17.0 PG    .473 FG%   .400   3PT   5.1 Assists  3.3  TO’s

Basically Wall is a better passer.  You have to give him that… particularly when you consider he averaged 8.3 assists last season.  But I don’t think there is any doubt that Kyrie Irving is a more complete player.

Irving’s already an extremely good shooter from the field (47%) and from 3′s (40%).  I’m willing to bet Wall will never get to that level.   He’s also a more consistent scorer averaging 17 a game including 5 straight games over 20 (25 today vs the Bobcats).

Oh and did I mention the Cavs are winning a lot more than the Wiz too?  They’re 6-6 so far coming off a season where they had the 2nd worst record in the league last year.  Meanwhile the Wizards are somehow worse than last year.

So yeah I’d trade Wall for Irving in a heartbeat.  Problem is why would the Cavaliers do it?  They wouldn’t.







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