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Feb 04

Indy Trip Report In Pictures

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I have to admit we weren’t excited at the prospect of heading out to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.  Who wants to be in the heart of the mid west in February?  Everybody dreaded the cold temps and the weather after the ice storm debacle in Dallas last year.  But the weather was great for this time of year and the city itself had a nice downtown area for people to eat, drink and hang out at night.  The locals were friendly, the service was great and they closed off streets and eased open container laws to give it a Mardi Gras type feel.  Overall Indy did itself proud this week.

As far as the actual shows we did from radio row they came together very nicely.  Even though there weren’t as many stations and shows in town this year there were still plenty of great guests to grab.  I don’t think a single guest we had was a dud, although the SI model did have an annoying laugh.  If that’s the worst we can say then we did pretty well.

Heading out to Indy on a small commuter jet. Lurch couldn’t even stand up in the cabin.

Our setup on radio row. We were under a fan and it was freezing in there at 6 in the morning. I’m using the table skirt to keep my legs warm.

One of the first guests we spoke to was Dustin Keller of the New York Jets. Who knew this guy was so personable? We even got him to admit he was wearing fake diamond earrings. Very cool dude.

One of my heroes as a kid Charley Brown showing off his Super Bowl ring with the Redskins and his national championship ring from South Carolina State. Charley was promoting awareness and treatment of former players suffering from the effects of concussions after their careers are over.

The great Ed “Too Tall” Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. I could not believe how great he looks at 60 years old. Remember he fought as a professional boxer after his football career was over too.

The trip was bittersweet for us as it was our last 2 shows with our amazing friend and producer Bret Oliverio. Here he is with SI swimsuit model Chrissy Teigan.

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was great. He didn’t mind talking about “the handshake” incident with Jim Harbaugh. He talked about his love of heavy metal music, his relationship with Kid Rock and his interview with the Washington Redskins when they hired Jim Zorn.

We had to have dinner at the legendary St. Elmo’s in downtown Indy. It was THE place to be Super Bowl week. They even had a red carpet outside. These are the autograph seekers and fans ouside the fence just waiting to catch a celebrity glimpse.

One of the highlights of my trip was my visit to Butler University and getting a tour of the campus and Hinkle Fieldhouse. I absolutely fell in love with the history and ambience of this gym.

One of the displays at the Nike Suite where players swing by and pick up their schwag bags.

Hanging out with George Atallah the Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs for the NFLPA. In other words he’s De Smith’s right hand man.

Jim Kelly always comes to the Super Bowl with his 5 brothers. They’re all great guys and let’s just say they like a good beverage.

Mike Wise doing his manic opening to his radio show with Holden Kushner.

The great Frank Caliendo actually likes us. He swung by without even asking and goofed around and of course did all of his most popular impressions. He even asked if he could leave his stuff with us while he did other interviews. Great guy.

Curt Schilling came by to promote his new video game. Who knew this 2 time World Champion with the Red Sox was such a gamer. He completely blew us away with how down to earth he was.

Got a chance to aplogize to Bonnie Bernstein. She was great. I attacked her on twitter one day when I was in an awful mood. She took it in stride. And then later my crown fell out sampling her chocolates. Karma.

Cakes kissing the bird on our way home. Anything for a safe flight.

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