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Dec 31

Reggie Bush’s Thank You

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Looks like Reggie Bush is trying to be a better teammate.  In October he caught heat for saying “we stink” after the Dolphins lost to the Broncos and dropped to 0-6.  Seemed pretty honest and straightforward to me.  His teammates didn’t take to kindly to being called out like that.  Safety Yeremiah Bell said “he stinks” in response.

It really bothered some that Bush of all people was talking after there were reports of him partying after losing to the Chargers in week 4.

Well it appears things have settled down after rallying a bit and going 5-4 over their last 9 games.  Bush has gone over a 1000 yards and to thank his offensive line he bought them each Segways as a gift.  Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

Here are two pics he tweeted of the guys trying out their new toys today.


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